11" Gandalf Assorted Colors Hand Pipe

  • $16.99
  • Save $3.01

A fantastic shape for an eye-catching display.

  • Color tubing for solid color varieties
  • Silver fumed for fumed color

Proudly handmade in Los Angeles.

Imports do exist so don't be fooled. Call us and we'll let you know who carries the imported versions and how to tell them apart.

The great, great Gandalf glass hand pipe.  This pipe is not only a Gandalf pipe, it is Gandalf himself.  The great wizard and magician of far off lands made himself into a glass hand pipe just for you to smoke out of him, in a purely platonic sort of way.  The Gandalf glass pipe is a weed pipe meant to satisfy the most cranky, dispicable, or, perhaps even holiest, of smokers online.  And what's even better?  This cheap Gandalf glass pipe is for sale online?  Gandalf glass pipe for sale online?  You bet your ass.  This glass pipe is made of hand-blown glassware that satisfies even the crankiest of glass bowl and glass pipe reviewers on the internet - I gaurentee you.