"Wake and Bake" Spoon

  • $29.99
  • Save $6

Rise and shine, wake and bake!

  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Sausage and egg glass figurines 
  • Frying pan shape
  • Top-rated glass pipe for herbs and tobacco
  • Cheap chillum offering premium looks and smoking capabilities

Do not miss out on the insane deal for a chillum on sale like never before.  The Wake and Bake spoon chillum is a fantastically designed cheap chillum that revolutionizes the industry standard for glassware and smoking pipes.  The glass bowl, weed bowl, is made specifically to allocate the perfect space for a comfortable and exciting smoking experience.

The chillum is better than glass bongs, water pipes, glass pipes, gravity bongs, and other smoking pipes, because it is PORTABLE, STYLISH, and extremely EASY to use.  Wake and bake, my brothers.