How To Use a Glass Bubbler Pipe Easily (Quick Guide on Glass Bubblers)

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How To Use a Glass Hammer Bubbler Pipe

What's up everybody? I'm Chad the owner of Purr Glass and today we're going to talk about our large glass hammer bubbler. I'm especially proud to be highlighting this piece because not only did I originate this design, it's the flagship style that launched Purr.

Now that you've got one of our signature large hammer bubblers that we make right here in Chatsworth, California, I'm going to show you how to get the best experience.

We're going to go over the benefits, water level, pro tips, how to use, and cleaning. When I developed this style in 2003, I was attempting to solve my own problem. Unsatisfied with the available glass pipe options, I set out to create a daily driver that was clean, high functioning and modern. Its perfect medium sized proportions make this water-ready hand pipe easy to handle. Ergonomic, straight hitting while producing big incredible and flavorful hits. When considering size, I wanted the large hammer to be a solid, full fit and comfortable feel in your hand. I wanted it to be more compact than your typical bowl. This way, it's easier to handle and can be stored just about anywhere.

And focusing on performance, the size of the pipe keeps your smoke volume dense, giving you full concentrated hits. Our specialty shower head downstem really rounds out the experience. The angled slits and just the right amount of airflow ensures you'll get small, vigorously stacking bubbles that diffuse and cool your smokes so you're guaranteed ultra smooth and pleasant hits.  This is one of the ideal glass bubblers for sale.

As you can see, the large hammer has a large bowl, too. So you can pack a sizeable bowl without having to reload. Plus the design ensures your face is far enough from the bowl, so you won't have to worry about burnt hairs or getting cross-eyed while taking a hit. The straight long mouthpiece condenses your hits, so you'll get straight hitting full flavor every time without having to worry about taking huge hits or straining too hard for the best result.

When you're done using the piece, simply set it down and it'll sit secure thanks to the carefully flattened base and multiple resting points. This is why we pay special attention when flattening our pieces, ensuring the right level and thickness so it doesn't rock providing the most stability.

So let's talk about the water level. You can fill the piece either from the mouthpiece opening, bowl hole or carb hole. We recommend adding enough cold water so your shower head perk is covered and the chamber is about a third full. Remember, too much water can lead to a choppy pole and water in your mouth. Too little can give you airy, dry hits. So use our recommendation as a baseline and make sure to tailor the water level to your preference and how hard you pull. Make sure you test it out before use.

So let's talk about how to use this piece. Once you've got your water level established, go ahead and fill your bowl with smoking material. Cover the carb hole here, light it up and begin to inhale. Then release the carb when you're ready to clear your piece. Use the carb hole here to control how big your hits are and how long they'll last. All right, let's check out the function.

So let's talk about some pro tips. Because of the large size bowl, when packed full, you can keep your bowl cherried or continuously lit by using the carb hole and repeatedly taking hits before your bowl goes out. This way you can keep puffing away without constantly having to relight a new hit. Remember with our specialty slit perks, we don't recommend sucking or snapping your bowls through. This leads to a clogged downstem and much dirtier piece. So smoke your bowls thoroughly and ash them instead.

If you ever get a downstem clog, simply turn the piece upside down over a sink, cover the carb hole and blow into the mouthpiece through the bowl to dislodge the clog. Avoid using tools or objects to stick into or prod the downstem because that can lead to unrepairable damage. To easily upgrade your smoking experience rather than using a lighter directly on a bowl, use a hemp wick for cleaner flavored hits. This will eliminate that added butane taste when smoking so you only taste what you want to.

And lastly, make sure you change your water daily so you keep your piece clean and tasting fresh.

So let's talk about how to clean your piece. Again, we recommend you changing your water daily for the best performance and experience. You can pour out the water through the carb hole or the mouthpiece opening. For a full tutorial, refer to our bubbler cleaning video here.

We hope this video makes using your new glass hammer bubbler easier and helps you get the best smoking experience possible. I want to give a huge thanks to all our patrons for help making this video happen. Become a patron today. Go to to sign up. And for all our YouTubers, don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon to be notified when we post our next video. And you know, we love hearing from all of you what's a must have feature and a bubbler. Leave a comment below. Thank you so much for watching.



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