Cheap Chillums - Affordable Chillum Pipes (Glass One Hitters)

Looking for an easy and portable cheap chillum pipe for sale?  Look no further than our best glass chillum pipes.  They are the perfect solution to a portable, discreet, and cheap chillum pipe that you can bring with you anywhere. Unlike typical glass bowls, chilums act as a straight tube that goes out from the mouthpiece straight to a bowl.  You can't find a better one hitter hand pipe!
The chillum, or chilum, is an ancient smoking technique originally developed in India by Hindu monks known as Sadhus.  The history and soul of these cheap chillums make them one our top choices for beginners and expert smokers alike.

Cheap Glass Chillum Pipes

A glass one hitter consists of a straight tube shaped pipe.  The ancient smoking device was once made of stone, clay, or even wood.  Modern day smoking pipes typically are made of glass or metal.

Glass one hitter pipes are an amazing addition to any smoking bowl collection, especially beautiful glass chillum pieces at wholesale prices.  They are often used as weed pipes or marijuana pipes, but can be used with any herb. 

We sincerely promote these water pipes as the best tobacco pipes and the best chillum for sale you can find on the market.  Their ability to be portable is a huge bonus compared to most glass bowls.  We hope you find the perfect solution for your smoking needs!

Smoking a Chillum and What You Should Know

There are a couple things you need to know before smoking a chillum, but, even before that, you need to know what type of chillum you have, or what chillum you are going to buy.  Most glass chillums, as we sell here, are simple.  You put a smokable substance at the end of the pipe and hold it horizontally, making sure to not let any of the substance fall out, and light it, and smoke!

There are older types of glass chillum pipes that require an extra step to smoke.  These pipes require you to place a cloth on the end you are smoking from to act as a filter for the smoke to come through.  You may need to place your hands over the same opening making a pipe that the smoke can further go through, then inhale through your hands which brings smoke through the cloth (filter).  These types of chillums are typically more ancient chillum pipes you can find at very cheap prices, which are made of metal or stone.

How To Clean A Chillum

It is essential to know how to clean your chillum once you order it and the pipe arrives at your doorstep.  This step is not always fun, but it is an important exercise to prevent potential toxins or even disease that can come because of the build up of bacteria within the pipe.

The best part, the process is simple!  Here's what you'll need.

A ziplock bag and some water (easy enough, right?).  Rubbing alcohol.  Salt.  Pipe Cleaners (Q-tips work too!).

The Process:

1) Fill the ziplock bag with rubbing alcohol.  Use just enough rubbing alcohol as to be able to submerge your chillum.

2) Submerge the chillum and add salt, then shake the bag around.

3) Take the chillum out and pour a few grains of salt into both ends of the pipe.  Place it back in, and shake for another 30 seconds.

4) Take your chillum out and clean it with your pipe cleaner or Q-tip!

5) Rinse your chillum out with water!  (told you it was simple.)

 Chillums Are The Best

Althouch new (and expensive) methods of smoking keep popping up and becoming mainstream, the classic smoking pipes always beat them in my opinion.  Chillums are cost-effective, reliable, efficient, portable, and, come on, you can find them for sale at the best prices you can find for practically any glass pipe online.  Please, do yourself a favor, and get yourself a chillum, they are the best small glass one hitter pipe you can get.