Smallest Water Pipe You Can Buy Online | "GRAV® Orbis Borocca"

Smallest Water Pipe You Can Buy Online | "GRAV® Orbis Borocca"

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  • Save $46

The famous Orbis Borocca was voted the smallest water pipe to buy online in 2020! This tiny bong is revolutionary; a small bong with a big hit, a pipe like this will leave you on the ground.  The Orbis Borocca is a glass water pipe meant for legends, that need a discreet, portable way to smoke their favorite substance.  This is the smallest water pipe you can buy online.

This small water pipe is a legend among mini bongs for sale online because it's size is unparalleled for its smoking capabilities.

  • Smallest water pipe for sale online.
  • Packs a heavy hit of smoke from such a little bong.
  • At a mere 5.5 inches in height, this smallest water pipe is Infamous in forums and blogs for it's size and strength.
  • Portable like a glass pipes, but hits like the best water pipe.

Don't pass up the Orbis Borocca!  It is a sleek glass design for a bong, and it is sure to impress both you and your friends.

Why Smoke a Small Water Pipe?

You may be asking, "why should I smoke a small bong?" And, "How do I smoke a small bong correctly?"  The answer to this is: Power.  There is no greater glass pipe power than what comes with the Orbis Borocca.  It name rings true even in the deserts of the Sahara where Sahu monks first developed the smallest water pipe in the known world.  Why should you buy a small water pipe online?  I would answer: yes.  You are right.  You should go ahead, take a jock or a walk, and come back, and you'll have the need to buy this smallest of water pipes.

"What are the advantages of a small water pipe?"  Bro, what aren't the advantages?  You have an extremely portable, cheap small bong that you can take with you around the world (even the Sahara).  Now the only reason I can imagine you asking, "What are the benefits of smallest water pipe?" is if you were adopted and never ever have smoked such a dank discreet water pipe; I'm talking this thing is god-tier glass bong, like once you smoke this mini glass bong, you will be asking your mother, your brother, and Josh, Jacob, Tony, and your uncle whether they know where to buy the smallest water pipe online.  I'm just giving you the truth brother.  Good luck brother!