UPC 7.5" Sherlock Style Bubbler with Platinum Decals

  • $82.99
  • Save $11.01

Become like sherlock holmes with this unique style bubbler that will blow you outside of the solar system.  This glass bong bubbler is equiped with everything one could want from a high quality, premium feeling glass bubbler.  If you are looking for a unique hammer bubbler or water pipe to add to your collection, you have certainly found a keeper with the UPC 7.5" Sherlock Style Bubbler with Platinum Decals.  This style never disappoints, and with a full glass bowl, you are certain to have an incredible time with you and your mates. 

These bubblers combine tradition in style for every smoker.

  • Two-hole color glass diffuser
  • Real platinum decals baked into glass
  • Bright color accents

Proudly handmade in Savannah, GA