Eyce Silicone Sidecar Rig w/ Honeycomb Perc

  • $74.99

The Eyce Silicone Sidecar Rig with Honeycomb Perc is the ultimate solution for those seeking a durable and functional concentrate rig. Crafted from high-quality platinum cured silicone, this rig is built to withstand the test of time while delivering exceptional performance.

One of the standout features of the Eyce Sidecar rig is its adjustable sidecar mouthpiece. You have the freedom to position it at any angle that suits your preference, ensuring a comfortable and personalized smoking experience. Additionally, the mouthpiece can be easily removed for effortless cleaning, allowing you to maintain optimal hygiene.

Equipped with a 14mm quartz banger, the Eyce Sidecar rig ensures efficient vaporization of your concentrates, resulting in smooth and flavorful hits. The included quartz banger is of premium quality, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and exceptional heat retention.

The honeycomb percolator located at the bottom of the rig takes your smoking experience to the next level. This innovative feature filters the water, providing you with clean and smooth hits every time. Furthermore, the honeycomb percolator can be effortlessly removed, making it a breeze to clean the interior of the rig and maintain its pristine condition.

Convenience is key with the Eyce Sidecar rig. It features a built-in storage container at the top, allowing you to keep your concentrates safe and secure while on the go. The glass lid of the storage container also doubles as a carb cap, enhancing the efficiency of your hits.

Standing at a height of 6 inches, this compact rig is perfect for travel without compromising on the quality and functionality of a traditional glass rig. Its silicone construction ensures durability, making it resistant to accidental drops and impacts.

Experience the perfect balance of durability and functionality with the Eyce Silicone Sidecar Rig with Honeycomb Perc. Whether you're a seasoned concentrate enthusiast or a beginner, this rig is designed to elevate your smoking experience to new heights. Invest in the Eyce Sidecar rig and enjoy the benefits of a top-notch concentrate rig that will last for years to come.