Ultra heavy color changing purple slime and black chillum with gold and silver fuming

  • $23.99
  • Save $6

A premium chillum like this does not come on the market just any old day.  Our limited stock of the ultra heavy purple slime and black chillum is one of my personal favorite glass pipes to have in any smoker's collection.

This smooth and cheap chillum will offer you an incredible smoking experience of any herb or tobacco.  The glass is thick, strong, and the pipe itself is extremely portable and discreet; Bring it to your mom's second wedding!  No one will know.

Crazy Features

  • cheap chillum on sale
  • build with thick glass for long-term use
  • pretty, unique colors you won't find anywhere else
  • top-rated glass pipe in the USA
  • best glass chillum pipe you can find online

So don't just stand there!  Order now and your life will change forever; You don't just stumble upon chillum like this any normal day.  This is your day.  This is your choice.  This is your freedom.