GRAV® Orbis Borocca Water Pipe | Smallest Water Pipe

GRAV® Orbis Borocca Water Pipe | Smallest Water Pipe

  • $99.00
  • Save $46

The famous Orbis Borocca was voted the smallest water pipe to buy online in 2019! This tiny bong is revolutionary; A small bong with a big hit, a pipe like this will leave you on the ground.  The Orbis Borocca is a smoking water pipe meant for legends, that need a discreet, portable way to smoke their favorite substance.

This small water pipe is a legend among mini bongs for sale online because it's size is unparalleled for its smoking capabilities.

  • Smallest water pipe for sale online
  • Packs a heavy hit of smoke from such a little bong
  • Infamous in forums and blogs for it's size and strength
  • Portable like a glass pipes, but hits like the best water pipe.

Don't pass up the Orbis Borocca!  It is a sleek glass design for a bong, and it is sure to impress both you and your friends.