UPC Platinum Percolated "Bi-Line" Beaker Water Pipe

  • $95.99
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A hand-crafted classic for a timeless selection.

Coming to you straight out of a high school science laboratory is the Percolated Bi-Line Beaker pipe, complete with green tint to help hammer that science fiction look home. This pipe stands 18" tall and boasts thick borosilicate glass at 32mm. Available in blue or green, use this nostalgic pipe to take you back to younger days without any of the hassle of applying and enrolling in classes as an adult, or just become the mad scientist you've always wanted to be with this beaker-esque pipe.

  • Diffused downstem in beaker base to showerhead perc with ice pinch
  • Single: 14" tall
  • Double: 18" tall
  • 38mm heavy wall tubing body
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Pure platinum precious metal UPC decal.
  • Comes with 18mm to 14mm downstem and color matching heavy bowl.

Proudly hand-made in Los Angeles, California.