Hand Made Glass

Understanding The Craft of Glass Pipes Art:

Hand blowing glass pieces is an art form appreciated in the underground and in smoke shops around the globe.  Understanding the craft of producing artistic glass pipes can take time and experience, but getting a grip on the hand blown glass pipe market can be accomplished in a few paragraphs.

Making glassware is a intensive process that is hands-on and includes a proper amount of flame and fire.  These glassware processes are involved in making any glass smoking products like artistic glass bongs / artistic water pipes, artistic glass bubblers, and, of-course, handmade pipes.

Glass Designs

When looking for an artistic glass pipe, you will first encounter the various glass designs of custom hand pipes and water pipes.  You may begin with a basic blown out glass spoon pipe design and may find yourself looking at a helix 12 inch water pipe with several water percolators - you can really get lost in the thousands of glass pipe designs.

When looking for the best handmade glass hand pipe, you generally want to choose between a hand pipe, spoon pipe, or glass bowl, potentially a Sherlock pipe if that is your style.  Most of these styles get their name from their shape: a spoon pipe looks quite similar to a spoon, etc.  We suggest you take these different pipes and research them on Google and Google Images to find your best handmade pipe.

Types of Best Hand Blown Pipes:

  • Basic Hand Pipe
  • Spoon Pipe
  • Glass Bowl Pipe
  • Sherlock Pipe
  • Steamroller Pipe
  • Chillum Pipe

Finding The Right Handmade Pipe For You

Really finding the best handmade glass pipe can be difficult, we hope this snippet was able to give you a better standing on purchasing a glass pipe online from ThaPlug.  We hope the above collection has some smoking pipe gems that you can't pass up!