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Today we are going over how to add a percolator to your bong and the best way to smoke an ice bong or ice catcher bong.

How To Smoke An Ice Bong

Smoking an ice bong or ice catcher bong may seem easy at first, but I have seen people really get freaked out or uncomfortable around water bongs and this is simply because they never have smoked them correctly.  Learning how to smoke a bong the right way can be tricky, especially if you've never learned, so here is how to smoke an ice catcher bong the right way.

1) To smoke an ice bong with a bong percolator on it, you want to begin by filling your ice-catcher bong with a sufficient amount of water and add 2-5 ice cubes depending on whether you own a big ice bong or a small ice bong or small water pipe.  Once your water pipe is properly filled with water and it's looking good and dope and shit, you want to:

2) Place what you want to smoke in the glass bowl that you will be using as a carb.  Put the bowl in the ice bong and begin to put your stuff in the bowl.  When it is in there tight and secure you are going to want to:

3) Smoke it, but this part is surprisingly where most people mess up when smoking a percolator bong or smoking an ice-catcher bubbler or bong


Types of Percolator Ice Bongs and Ice Water Pipe

Finding the right ice glass bong with percolator can be a chore, but we can make it easier by letting you in on the best types of ice chamber bongs you can find online!

The types of ice glass bongs can be seperated into four main categories:

1) Percolator Bong

The percolator ice bong is a favorite among people around the world.  These ice bongs include: glass perc bong, tree perc bongs, water pipe percolator and more!  Percolator ice bongs also come with multiple perc bongs like triple perc bong and the double perc bong.  These give you a serious increase in the amount of smoke the water bong can have inside it, and keep the bong clean by diverting the resin to the bong percolator chamber.  Finding a nice ice chamber bong or percolator chamber bong may be your best bet for a nice ice-catcher bong for sale.

These can also come in various shapes and sizes like the small percolator bong or the ice water bong.

2) Premium Ice Bongs

These are really nice ice glass bongs for both novices and professionals.  The amount of quality smoke you can get with this smoking equipment is beyond belief and always a good buy online.  These include: ice pipe, double chambered bongs, honeycomb perc bongs, and water ice bong / ice catcher bong

3) Ice Water Pipe

Ice water pipes are a great way to smoke with a bong percolator.  Seriously one of the best options for premium water pipe smoking.  Whether it is a small water pipe, big water pipe, cheap percolator bong, ice water pipes are great ice glass bongs that people all around the world truly love and enjoy on a daily basis.

4) Ash Catcher Bongs

These are premium water bongs that make any glass bong experience that much better.  The glass ash catcher is a huge bonus to the personal experience you have with the glass piece.


How Do Ice Bongs Work & Smoking Ice Tips

If you want to learn how ice bongs work or how a ice bong percolator / ice percolator works then here are 5 smoking ice tips that will let you fly in a clean, safe way.

1) Get fresh ice cubes for your ice glass bong.

2) Smoke the bong slowly as to not decrease the quality of smoke and let it run through the ice.

3) Use an ash catcher and ice catcher combo for best quality.

4) Go to a safe, discreet, comfortable place to smoke the ice water pipe.

5) Have fun!