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Weed Glass Pipes For Sale

Finding the perfect glass hand pipe or glass weed bowl is a task beneath someone of your expertise of smoking fat blunts, glass weed pipes for sale, and all kinds of other mischief;  We are here to help!

Smoking fat fucking glass water pipes, bongs, and weed pipes are what we live for, and we have curated a premium catalogue of glassware: pipes, bowls, unique weed pipes, steamrollers, chillums, spoonpipes, Sherlock pipes, and even glass bubblers.  This line-up of water pipes was carefully chosen and stressed over to make the ultimae "best glass pipe for sale online" page, so you don't have to worry over looking through hundreds of websites to find the right pipe for you.


Now, let's move on to the various types of weed hand pipes you can find online for a sale.  This is the exciting part;  The amount of variation and options you have for choosing your perfect weed water pipe is nearly endless;  From acrylic and silicone, to small, mini and large weed pipes, the options are nearly endless.  Because of this, it can be difficult to choose which weed pipe you want to buy online.  Let's start easy by looking at the major types of glass weed pipes!

1) The Glass Weed Chillum and Glass One-hitter Pipe For Weed

A personal favorite of mine (which is why it is first on the list), the glass chillum is a beautiful and super easy, portable smoking pipe that you can literally bring with you anywhere without feeling sketchy or worried.  A brother to the glass chillum is the one-hitter pipe, which comes in glass, metal one-hitters, and a lot of other variations to the classic one hitter pipe.  My favorite, though, is the chillum pipe.  It is truly an ancient glass piece that dates back thousands of years coming from the India, by the Sadhus monks.

Glass chillum weed pipes are a great option to buy as your weed glass pipe.  They are one of your cheapest options, and the most portable, safe, and easy-going.

weed chillum

2) Glass Weed Bubbler Pipe and Hammer Bubbler

The great glass bubbler should be in every list of great weed pipes to buy online on a sale.  Glass bubblers are bigger hand-pipes that have a longer pipe that you smoke from, and a bulkier part near the end that let's you pack the weed and smoke the weed.  Glass weed bubbler pipes come in so many variations but a favorite of ours is the glass hammer bubbler pipe, it is a huge weed bowl pipe that gets huge hits like a bong; You have to try a glass hammer bubbler pipe if you get the chance.

That chance might be now, we have a large collection of bubbler weed pipes that you can browse online for sale and for a great deal.

weed bubbler pipe

3) Sherlock Weed Pipe and Steamroller Weed Pipe

The sherlock holmes pipe is a classic smoking piece that has a dope history and a sick glass design.  Look at this thing!  The weed sherlock pipe has been a staple of smoking history and equipment for a long time.  This smoking device has a kick of it's own, unlike anything else on the market;  You really can not go wrong buying a sherlock hand pipe online for sale.

There are other weed pipes you can buy online right now like the weed spoon pipe and other premium marijuana pipes, but these three are sure-fire, can't-be-disappointed kind of options.  I hope you find the perfect pipe for you!

sherlock weed pipe