"Baseball" Bat & Dugout - SPECIAL OFFER

"Baseball" Bat & Dugout - SPECIAL OFFER

  • $24.95


Baseball season is over but the need for Bats and Dugouts never ends!  Grab your special 2 for 1 deal:

Grab the 4 inch "Black Stripe" design swivel wooden dugout and our popular classy wood handle bat with spring-loaded ash ejector - regularly $30 when purchased separately - yours for $24.95!

This hand carved, inlaid dugout is both convenient and elegant. Take your stash on the go, yet remain discreet. This dugout is a larger sized dugout (4" versus 3") but still lightweight and easy to pocket.

  • Stylish and classy!
  • Compact and light weight
  • Convenient for taking your stash out and about
  • Larger 4" dugout comes with 3" bat that fits inside
  • This stained wood handled bat is convenient and classy.  The handle is spring-loaded with an ash ejector.  Just give it a push and it knocks out the ash from the end of the one-hitter.