Blockhead Mini-Frit Gandalf

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This mini-Gandalf pipe was made using all-American frit glass in a diverse array of colors by the artist Blockhead. A former apprentice of Helix inventor Will Menzies, Blockhead is a native Texan who's been blowing glass for over a decade. His pieces are recognized nationwide for their unique shape and durability. All pieces by local artists are handmade using unique blends of colored tubing. The pipe you receive may differ somewhat in color and specs from the unit pictured. 

If you're looking for a quality glass pipe, it doesn't get any better than one that is personally crafted for you by an expert. The level of craftsmanship and detail is unmatched by any mass produced pipe that lacks the personal touch that make these water pipes special.

  • Durable glass frame
  • Simplistic easy-to-use design
  • Hand crafted detail and unique design
  • Mystical design allows you to role play as a wizard