Cookies 1g HHC Disposable Vape - Honey Bun

  • $32.99

From the world-famous Cookies brand comes a revolutionary way to indulge in the benefits of HHC with our Cookies 1g HHC Disposable Vape in the delectable Honey Bun flavor. This innovative disposable vaporizer is designed to provide you with an immediate and potent psychoactive experience, without the need for charging or any additional equipment.

Each Cookies HHC disposable pen is filled with a generous gram of premium hemp-derived HHC distillate, ensuring a high-quality and consistent experience with every puff. We have also infused our distillate with exclusive Cookies terpenes, inspired by our most sought-after strains. This infusion not only enhances the flavor but also adds depth to the overall experience, making it truly unforgettable.

The Honey Bun flavor, a delightful hybrid strain from Cookies, is named after the beloved treat that brings joy to many. Just like its namesake, this strain offers a sweet and tantalizing flavor profile that will leave you craving for more. The uplifting and happy effects of Honey Bun will elevate your mood and provide a sense of euphoria, while also stimulating your appetite.

Our Cookies 1g HHC Disposable Vape is designed for convenience and ease of use. It comes ready to vape straight out of the package, allowing you to enjoy its benefits immediately. With its disposable nature, there is no need to worry about recharging or refilling. Simply use it until it's empty and dispose of it responsibly.

We take pride in the quality and potency of our products. Our Cookies 1g HHC Disposable Vape is lab tested to ensure its purity, potency, and safety. We manufacture all our products in the USA, adhering to strict quality control standards.

Please note that our Cookies 1g HHC Disposable Vape contains Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) and terpenes. These ingredients work together to provide you with a unique and enjoyable experience.

Indulge in the world of Cookies with our Honey Bun flavored HHC disposable vape. Experience the blissful effects, savor the sweet flavor, and elevate your senses with every puff. Try our Cookies 1g HHC Disposable Vape today and discover a new level of enjoyment.