Cookies HHC Blunt - Apples & Bananas

  • $24.99

Cookies HHC Blunt - Apples & Bananas is a revolutionary product that offers a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. These pre-rolled blunts are crafted with precision, using HHC infused whole bud CBD and CBG flower. The result is a premium blend that guarantees an even burning, smooth smoking, heavy hitting, and long-lasting mellow psychoactive experience.

The Apples & Bananas strain, a hybrid strain from Cookies, is the star of this product. It boasts a delightful aroma and flavor reminiscent of freshly baked banana pudding and apple pie. The combination of these flavors creates a truly indulgent and satisfying smoking experience. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also delivers happy, uplifting, and euphoric effects, making it the perfect strain to start your day with.

What sets Cookies HHC Blunt - Apples & Bananas apart from other products is its commitment to quality and purity. It is made with 100% CBD hemp flower, ensuring that you are getting the best of what nature has to offer. The HHC infusion adds an extra layer of potency and effectiveness to the blend, enhancing the overall experience.

To ensure the highest standards, Cookies HHC Blunt - Apples & Bananas is lab tested for quality and potency. This guarantees that you are getting a product that meets the highest industry standards. Additionally, it is manufactured in the USA, further emphasizing its commitment to quality and supporting local businesses.

Each blunt is rolled in a premium hemp wrap and finished with a glass filter tip. This not only enhances the smoking experience but also ensures a smooth and enjoyable draw. The absence of nicotine and tobacco makes it a healthier alternative to traditional blunts, allowing you to indulge without any guilt.

Cookies HHC Blunt - Apples & Bananas is the perfect choice for those seeking a unique and flavorful smoking experience. With its exclusive Cookies terpenes, fresh-baked apple, and banana aroma, and uplifting terpene profile, it offers a truly indulgent and satisfying experience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the mellow psychoactive effects of this exceptional product.