Cookies THCO Hemp Smokes - Georgia Pie (10-Pack)

  • $21.99

Unwind and experience a new level of mental clarity with Cookies THCO Hemp Smokes in the Georgia Pie flavor. These pre-rolled smokes are the ultimate choice for on-the-go solo smoking or easy sharing moments. Crafted with premium THCO infused CBD and CBG flower, inspired by the renowned Lemonnade and Cookies strains, these Hemp Smokes guarantee an unparalleled smoking experience.

The Georgia Pie strain, a potent hybrid, is famous for its mouthwatering peach cobbler aroma. Indulge in the delightful savory baked fruit flavor that this strain offers, while enjoying its uplifting effects and remarkable pain-relieving capabilities.

Each pack of Cookies THCO Hemp Smokes - Georgia Pie contains 10 individual pre-rolled smokes, ensuring you have plenty to enjoy. With over 750mg of THCO per pack, you can expect a powerful and satisfying experience with every smoke.

What sets these Hemp Smokes apart is the use of premium hemp-derived THCO, CBD, and CBG flower, combined with exclusive Cookies terpenes. This unique blend creates a harmonious flavor profile that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Rest assured that these Hemp Smokes are free from nicotine and tobacco, making them a healthier alternative to traditional smoking options. They are also lab tested for quality and potency, ensuring that you receive a consistent and reliable product every time.

Manufactured in the USA, Cookies THCO Hemp Smokes - Georgia Pie are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The ingredients include CBD hemp flower, THC-O acetate (THC-O), and terpenes, all carefully selected to provide you with a premium smoking experience.

Indulge in the enticing aroma and flavor of peach cobbler while enjoying the uplifting, happy, and hungry terpene profile of Georgia Pie. With each puff, you'll experience a sense of relaxation and mental clarity that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Experience the next level of smoking with Cookies THCO Hemp Smokes - Georgia Pie. Elevate your smoking experience and enjoy the benefits of premium hemp-derived THCO in a convenient and flavorful package. Try them today and discover a new way to unwind and enjoy the moment.