Dank Lite 1g HHCP Vape Cartridge - Alaskan Ice

  • $39.99

Enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with Dank Lite's premium HHCP vaporizer cartridges. These convenient vape carts are filled with 1g of hemp-derived HHCP, also known as the "King of Cannabinoids". Designed with a 510 threaded connection, they are compatible with almost any vaporizer pen battery, making them perfect for on-the-go use.

One of the standout flavors in the Dank Lite lineup is Alaskan Ice, a powerful sativa strain created by crossing White Widow and Pure Haze. This strain delivers long-lasting effects that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. The earthy, pine, and nutty flavors of Alaskan Ice combine perfectly with its energizing, euphoric, and uplifting terpene profile, creating a truly delightful vaping experience that will have you craving more.

Dank Lite's HHCP vape cartridges are made with premium hemp-derived HHCP and natural terpenes. Each cartridge is carefully lab tested for quality and potency, ensuring that you are getting a product that meets the highest standards. Manufactured in the USA, Dank Lite takes pride in delivering a top-notch vaping experience to its customers.

With 1000mg of HHCP in each 1g cartridge, Dank Lite offers a generous amount of this highly sought-after cannabinoid. Whether you are a seasoned vaper or new to the world of HHCP, Dank Lite's Alaskan Ice cartridge is the perfect choice for those looking for a premium vaping experience.

Please note that Dank Lite's HHCP vape cartridges are intended for adult use only. It is important to read and understand the full Hemp Disclaimer provided by Dank Lite before using their products.

For those who value transparency, Dank Lite provides lab results for their HHCP vape cartridges. You can access these lab results by clicking on the provided link, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly what you are vaping.

Experience the power of HHCP with Dank Lite's Alaskan Ice vape cartridge. Elevate your vaping experience with this premium product and enjoy the unique flavors and effects that only Dank Lite can deliver.