Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner (8oz)

  • $9.99

Regularly cleaning your silicone pipes is essential for maintaining their longevity and ensuring optimal performance. With the Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner (8oz), you can effortlessly remove stubborn gunk buildup and keep your pipes in pristine condition.

Crafted specifically for use with Eyce Silicone Products, this laboratory-formulated cleaner is also compatible with any other silicone pipes or accessories you may own. Whether you have glass, stone, metal, tile, or ceramic pipes, the Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner is versatile enough to work on all these materials.

What sets this cleaner apart is its plant-based, non-toxic formula. Unlike other cleaners on the market, the Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner contains no alcohol, eliminating the risk of damaging your silicone pipes. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a cleaner that cares for your pipes without compromising their integrity.

Furthermore, the Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner is free from dyes, fragrances, parabens, glutens, and hormones. It is completely transparent and safe for use, ensuring that no unwanted substances come into contact with your pipes.

Made in the USA, this 8oz bottle of Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner provides you with ample supply to keep your silicone products looking and performing like new. Simply apply the cleaner, let it work its magic, and rinse thoroughly for a fresh and revitalized smoking experience.

Invest in the Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner (8oz) today and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner that is gentle yet effective. Preserve the quality of your silicone pipes and accessories, and indulge in a cleaner that prioritizes your health and the longevity of your smoking essentials. With Eyce Silicone Pipe Cleaner, maintaining your pipes has never been easier or more rewarding.