Freeze Pipe Bong XL

  • $209.95

The Freeze Pipe Bong XL takes the original Freeze Pipe Bong to new heights with its larger glycerin coil and upgraded showerhead base. This innovative bong is designed to provide the smoothest hits and the ultimate smoking experience.

The highlight of the Bong XL is its detachable and freezable glycerin coil. This coil is 50% larger than the original, allowing for even more cooling power. Filled with a non-toxic and quick freezing liquid called glycerin, this coil freezes faster than water, meaning you only need to keep it in the freezer for about an hour before it's ready to use. Once frozen, the glycerin coil chills your smoke up to 300 degrees, ensuring ice-cold and smooth hits every time. The coil easily attaches to the base with the included k-clip and can be detached for convenient freezing and cleaning.

The upgraded base of the Bong XL features a traditional beaker design, providing stability and durability. It also includes a large showerhead percolator that prioritizes filtration with zero drag, resulting in an even better smoke session. The combination of the beaker base and showerhead percolator delivers exceptional filtration and smoothness.

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, the Bong XL is built to last. With a glass thickness of 4mm and a height of 16 inches, this bong offers a sturdy and substantial feel. The base has a diameter of 5 inches, providing stability during use. The bong also comes with a removable 18mm herb bowl with a honeycomb screen, ensuring a clean and enjoyable smoking experience.

To top it off, the Bong XL includes Freeze Pipe decals, adding a touch of style to your smoking sessions. With its innovative design, superior cooling capabilities, and high-quality construction, the Freeze Pipe Bong XL is the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate smoking experience. Elevate your sessions to new heights with the Bong XL from Freeze Pipe.