Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler Rig

  • $299.95

The Klein Recycler from Freeze Pipe is the brand's very first dab rig. This stunning dab rig features two of Freeze Pipe's signature freezable glycerin coils and a load of other features that makes it deliver the nicest hit on the lungs with more flavor than any other dab rig.

Glycerin is a non-toxic, gel-like substance found in many foods and sweeteners. It is 100% organic and freezes quicker than water in a water pipe meaning you only have to have this coil in the freezer for approximately an hour before it's ready for use. The frozen glycerin coil will provide the smoothest hits and cools your smoke up to 300 degrees for the ultimate smoking experience.

In addition to the two glycerin coils included with the Klein Recycler, the dab rig also features a laser-cut percolator for precise filtration and recycling water function that creates excellent airflow and smoothness.

The Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler is optimized for concentrates. It's ability to cool smoke in a glycerin coil white not diluting flavor via too much water filtration creates a flavor packed rip showcasing the delicacies of every hit. The size of the dab rig is perfect for dabbing as it creates less stale air inside the piece to interact with the vapor. The constant circulation of smoke and water around the piece promotes better airflow and cooling power than traditional bongs.

The Klein Recycler also includes a core reactor banger and carb cap in the box. The core reactor banger increases the banger's heat retention for longer dab sessions. No need to keep re-heating every hit with this core reactor banger. The carb cap acts as the lid to your oven, further enhancing heat retention and adding flavor. The directional airflow carb cap allows for a whirlwind inside your banger to create an even burn and consumption. It's all about taking dabs at lower temperatures and carb caps are amazing at keeping hot air in so you can dab low.

Not looking for a dab rig? No worries, the Klein Recycler also comes with a 14mm dry herb bowl with built in honeycomb screen so you can enjoy your dry herbs too! The Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler is finished off with Freeze Pipe decals and comes in a custom fitted box.

  • Two Detachable, Freezable Glycerin Coils
  • Klein Recycler Dab Rig
  • Constant Water and Smoke Circulation
  • Laser Cut Percolator
  • Core Reactor Banger and Carb Cap Included
  • 14mm Dry Herb Bowl w/ Built in Screen Included
  • Freezes Quickly and Stays Frozen
  • Ice Cold, Smooth Hits
  • Chills Smoke Up to 300 Degrees
  • K-Clip Included
  • Freeze Pipe Decals
Brand Freeze Pipe
Material Borosilicate Glass
Height 12”
Glass Thickness 4mm
Base Diameter 3.5"
Bowl Joint 14mm