GRAV Large Beaker Bong

  • $187.49

The GRAV Large Beaker Bong is the ultimate choice for those who appreciate big hits and impressive design. Crafted with crystal clear borosilicate glass, this bong allows you to witness the magic as you build up massive hits in its long chamber. The sleek and transparent design adds a touch of elegance to your smoking experience.

One of the standout features of this bong is the built-in ice catcher and splashguard. The geometric pressed pinch not only acts as a splashguard, preventing any unwanted water from reaching your lips, but it also serves as an ice catcher, allowing you to add ice cubes for an even cooler and smoother hit. Say goodbye to harsh and hot smoke, and hello to a refreshing and enjoyable smoking session.

The GRAV Large Beaker Bong also features a diffused fission downstem. This innovative design ensures that the smoke is filtered through water, resulting in a smoother and cleaner hit. The downstem is removable, making it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. No more hassle or frustration when it comes to keeping your bong in pristine condition.

Included with the bong is the 14mm GRAV Funnel Bowl, which can hold a generous amount of your favorite flower. This means you can enjoy longer smoking sessions without the need for constant refills. The GRAV decal adds a touch of authenticity and quality to the overall aesthetic of the bong.

Standing at an impressive 16 inches tall, with a base diameter of 4.5 inches, this bong is not only visually striking but also sturdy and durable. The 4mm glass thickness ensures that it can withstand everyday use without compromising on quality.

Whether you prefer a clear or black accented design, the GRAV Large Beaker Bong offers options to suit your personal style. Please note that the decal color may vary, adding a unique touch to each individual piece.

Enhance your smoking experience and indulge in the pursuit of knowledge with the GRAV Large Beaker Bong. Its exceptional design, superior functionality, and high-quality materials make it a must-have for any serious smoker. Elevate your smoking sessions to new heights with this remarkable piece from GRAV.