GRAV Medium Gravitron V2 Gravity Bong

  • $79.99

The GRAV Medium Gravitron V2 Gravity Bong is the ultimate party water pipe that takes your smoking experience to new heights. This improved version of the world's best-selling gravity bong features innovative upgrades that enhance its performance and durability.

One of the standout features of the Gravitron V2 is its new fully glass on glass ground joint. This allows you to use any 14mm bowl, giving you the freedom to customize your smoking experience. Additionally, the Gravitron V2 comes with a glass on glass funnel bowl right out of the box, so you can start enjoying your favorite herbs immediately.

Crafted with 5x thicker glass, this gravity bong is built to withstand the test of time. The increased thickness not only adds to its durability but also ensures that you get the most out of every hit. To further enhance the smoking experience, the Gravitron V2 is equipped with a platinum cured silicone grommet that provides a tighter seal, preventing any smoke from escaping.

Using the Gravitron V2 is a breeze. Simply fill the base halfway with water, pack the bowl with your preferred ground herb, and insert it into the glass on glass joint. Light the herb and lift the neck simultaneously. As the bottle fills with smoke, remove the bowl and place your mouth over the neck, inhaling as you lower the bottle. The result? A dense, pressurized hit that delivers maximum satisfaction without any loss of smoke.

Standing at a height of 9 inches and featuring a 14mm joint size, the Gravitron V2 is the perfect size for both solo sessions and group gatherings. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the world of gravity bongs, this medium-sized powerhouse is sure to impress.

Experience the next level of smoking with the GRAV Medium Gravitron V2 Gravity Bong. Upgrade your smoking arsenal today and enjoy huge hits with no loss of smoke. Also available in a larger size, the Gravitron V2 is the ultimate choice for those who demand the best.