Hemper Chronic Bong

  • $59.99

Transport yourself back to the golden age of video games with the Hemper Chronic Bong. This 7.5" tall straight tube bong is not your average smoking device. It is a nostalgic masterpiece that pays homage to the 90's era with its unique video game theme.

Featuring a bent mouthpiece, the Chronic Bong ensures a comfortable smoking experience. The custom Chronic percolator takes filtration to a whole new level by creating a mesmerizing spinning effect. Each hit is transformed into a smooth and enjoyable experience, thanks to the superior filtration provided by this innovative percolator.

To tie the whole piece together, a vibrant yellow ring splashguard sits above the custom percolator. This splashguard not only adds a pop of color but also prevents any unwanted water from reaching your mouth. It's like collecting rings in your favorite video game, but this time, you're collecting memories with every hit.

The Hemper Chronic Bong comes complete with a matching 14mm dry herb bowl, making it perfect for enjoying your favorite herbs. However, its compact size also makes it an excellent option for concentrates. Simply add your preferred banger or nail, and you're ready to embark on an amazing 90's inspired dabbing experience.

Crafted with care, this bong features a Hemper "Chronic" decal that adds a touch of authenticity to the design. With a height of 7.5" and a diameter of 3", this bong is the perfect size for both solo sessions and sharing with friends. The 3mm glass thickness ensures durability, so you can enjoy this piece for years to come.

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Indulge in nostalgia and elevate your smoking experience with the Hemper Chronic Bong. It's not just a bong; it's a time machine that takes you back to the days of pixelated adventures and endless fun. So grab your controller, take a hit, and let the Chronic Bong transport you to a world of pure bliss.