Hemper XL Pineapple Bong

  • $129.99

This Hemper XL Pineapple Bong is not your average water pipe. With its unique pineapple-themed design, it is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. But this bong is not just about looks; it is also packed with amazing features that will enhance your smoking experience.

The double ball style of this bong is truly one-of-a-kind. It features a globe-like chamber with an inner pineapple downstem and a splash guard floating in the center. This design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bong but also helps to filter and cool the smoke for a smoother hit.

But the XL Pineapple Bong doesn't stop there. It also includes two percolators for an extra smooth smoking experience. The showerhead downstem breaks up the smoke into small bubbles, which are then passed up to the honeycomb percolator for ample bubble stacking and double the diffusion. This means that every hit you take will be incredibly smooth and flavorful.

The 90-degree joint of this bong makes it easily convertible to a dab rig with the addition of a nail or banger (not included). This versatility allows you to enjoy both dry herbs and concentrates with the same piece. And with the bent mouthpiece, you can rest assured that your smoking session will be comfortable and enjoyable.

This bong also comes with a 14mm dry herb funnel bowl and Hemper decals, adding to its overall value and appeal. With a height of 11 inches and a joint size of 14mm, it is the perfect size for both solo sessions and sharing with friends.

Whether you are a collector looking for a unique themed piece or simply a fan of pineapple-themed products, this Hemper XL Pineapple Bong is a must-have. It combines stunning design with exceptional functionality, making it a standout addition to any smoking collection. Please note that this product is fulfilled and shipped by a third party, so any products purchased from SMOKEA® will be shipped separately.