JMass Radiation Tower - Orange

  • $998.00
  • Save $592

This Radiation Tower glass bong was made by master flame worker, JMass. He's one of the most well-known and popular glass artists in Austin, where he often works out of GRAV's hotshop, GRAV Studios. JMass glass is known for its intricacy, quality of craftsmanship, and artistic vision. This water pipe comes with all necessary components. All pieces by local artists are handmade using unique blends of colored tubing. The pipe you receive may differ somewhat in color and specs from the unit pictured, as each is hand crafted to order.

If you're looking for a quality glass pipe or water bong, it doesn't get any better than one that is personally crafted for you by an expert. The level of craftsmanship and detail is unmatched by any mass produced pipe that lacks the personal touch that make these water pipes special.


  • Professional large water pipe
  • Hand-crafted by expert craftsmen
  • Unique frame that stands out
  • Crazy sale on a premium water pipe
  • Hand blown expert crafted pipe