King Palm Rollies Natural Pre-Rolled Cones (25-Pack)

  • $23.99

King Palm Rollies Natural Pre-Rolled Cones (25-Pack) are the epitome of innovation in the world of smoking accessories. These pre-rolls are not your average cones; they are the future of smoking. Crafted with utmost care and precision, these cones are made from 100% real palm leaf, ensuring a completely natural and chemical-free smoking experience.

What sets King Palm Rollies apart from the rest is their incredible ease of use. Each cone comes with a pre-installed all-natural corn husk filter, which can be bitten or squeezed to create a smoother and cooler smoke. No more worrying about harsh hits or unwanted chemicals entering your system. With King Palm Rollies, you can enjoy a pure and authentic smoking experience.

The slow-burning nature of these cones is another standout feature. Packed with your favorite ground product, these pre-rolls offer an extended smoking session, allowing you to savor every moment. Say goodbye to constantly relighting your blunt or dealing with uneven burns. King Palm Rollies ensure a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience from start to finish.

To make your smoking experience even more convenient, each pack of King Palm Rollies comes with a Boveda 62% Humidity Control Packet. This ensures that your pre-rolls stay fresh and ready to use whenever you desire. No more worrying about stale or dry cones. With King Palm Rollies, freshness is guaranteed.

Not only are these pre-rolls all-natural and slow-burning, but they are also 100% organic. You can indulge in your smoking habit knowing that you are using a product that is free from harmful chemicals and additives. King Palm Rollies prioritize your health and well-being, making them the perfect choice for conscious smokers.

Each pack contains 25 Rollies pre-rolls, with each individual cone capable of holding up to .5 grams of your preferred ground product. This generous capacity ensures that you can enjoy a satisfying smoking session without the need for constant refills.

In conclusion, King Palm Rollies Natural Pre-Rolled Cones (25-Pack) are the ultimate choice for smokers who value quality, convenience, and a natural smoking experience. With their all-natural ingredients, slow-burning nature, and included humidity control packet, these pre-rolls are a game-changer in the world of smoking accessories. Elevate your smoking experience with King Palm Rollies and discover a new level of enjoyment.