King Palm XXL Natural Pre-Rolled Cone w/ Boveda Pack

  • $5.99

King Palm XXL Natural Pre-Rolled Cone with Boveda Pack offers a revolutionary smoking experience that is unmatched in the market. Crafted from 100% real palm leaf, these all-natural cone wraps provide a clean and pure smoking experience, free from any tobacco or harmful chemicals.

With its pre-rolled design, King Palm XXL cones save you time and effort, allowing you to enjoy your smoke without the hassle of rolling. Each cone is meticulously hand-rolled to perfection, ensuring a consistent and smooth burn every time.

What sets King Palm XXL apart is its exceptional slow-burning capability. The natural palm leaf material burns at a leisurely pace, allowing you to savor every moment of your smoking session. Say goodbye to constantly relighting your cone and hello to a long-lasting and enjoyable smoke.

To enhance your smoking experience, each King Palm XXL cone comes with a pre-installed all-natural corn husk filter. This filter not only provides a smoother draw but also prevents any loose herbs from entering your mouth. Additionally, the included packing tool ensures a tightly packed cone, maximizing airflow and delivering a satisfying hit every time.

King Palm XXL cones are not only eco-friendly but also 100% organic. The palm leaf material is sustainably sourced, making it a guilt-free choice for conscious smokers.

To guarantee the freshness of your cones, each pack includes a Boveda 62% Humidity Control Packet. This innovative packet maintains the ideal moisture level, preserving the flavor and aroma of your herbs. No more worrying about dry or stale cones – with King Palm XXL, you can enjoy a consistently fresh and flavorful smoke.

Each King Palm XXL cone has an impressive capacity, holding approximately 5 grams of your favorite herbs. Whether you prefer a solo session or sharing with friends, these cones are perfect for any occasion.

Experience the natural and pure pleasure of smoking with King Palm XXL Natural Pre-Rolled Cone with Boveda Pack. Elevate your smoking experience with these slow-burning, all-natural cones that deliver unmatched flavor, convenience, and freshness. Indulge in the ultimate smoking experience and discover why King Palm has become the go-to choice for discerning smokers worldwide.