One Hit OneDa

  • $29.95

Introducing the first microdosing device for flower

The OneHit OneDa is a brilliant new mini-bowl that holds about 50mg of flower, and is precisely machined and assembled in the USA. 

The ash catcher stops ash, cools your smoke, and provides a consistent dosing.

"One hitters" (aka bats) are a staple.  But most people use them wrong! Well, maybe not "wrong" per se, but ineffectively.  If you inhale/draw too strongly, you'll end up inhaling bits of flower.  So people instinctively hold back and pull lighter.  The problem is that if you don't fully consume the entire hit, it leads to unused/wasted flower and sticky resin that clogs the pipe.

However, with the confidence of a screen and ash catcher in place, you can confidently hit that thing like a Hoover! 

In all seriousness though - this means that you can burn the flower full and thoroughly to consume it all (i.e. no waste!), get a nice clean, smooth hit and turn it all to a nice dry powdery ash that easily comes out with significantly less sticky resin tar build-up -- it will change your life!

And the unique design means you can use it either as a hand pipe, OR as a bowl on a water pipe. It's versatile!


note: does not come with pink silicone bubbler or BIC lighter - those are shown to demonstrate usage only.