Pulsar 7" All in One Dab Station Rig Transparent Black

Pulsar 7" All in One Dab Station Rig

  • $69.99

Introducing the All in One Dab Station Rig from Pulsar! This unique design is made of high quality borosilicate glass and is available in several colors. It features a stemless design and a unique funnel-shaped mouthpiece that makes it stand out from other dab rigs. Plus, it includes built in glass tubes for storing your dab tools, bangers, and other dabbing accessories. It also comes with a 14mm quartz banger and a Pulsar decal. Dimensions: 7" height, 14mm joint size, 3.25" base diameter. Please note that this is an individually handcrafted art piece, so exact sizes, colors, decals, accessories, and/or patterns may vary slightly.