The Happy Dab Kit

The Happy Dab Kit

  • $39.99

Experience the ultimate dabbing experience with the Happy Dab Kit from Happy Kit. This kit is the perfect companion for dab connoisseurs everywhere. The star of the kit is a borosilicate glass honey straw collector that features a built-in percolator for the smoothest of rips. The straw collector means no need for a full dab rig set-up and allows you to dab conveniently and discreetly while on the move.

The Happy Dab Kit is designed to enhance your dabbing experience with its high-quality components and thoughtful accessories. The borosilicate glass honey straw collector is not only visually appealing but also provides a clean and pure taste. The built-in percolator ensures that each rip is smooth and enjoyable, allowing you to fully savor the flavors of your concentrates.

In addition to the honey straw collector, the Happy Dab Kit includes all the necessary accessories to make your dabbing experience perfect. The two 5ml silicone storage containers provide a safe and secure place to store your concentrates, ensuring their freshness and potency. The dab tool allows for precise handling and application of your concentrates, while the refillable butane torch ensures a reliable and consistent heat source for efficient dabbing.

To top it all off, the Happy Dab Kit comes packaged in a custom case that is virtually smell-proof, water-resistant, and shockproof. This case not only keeps your kit organized but also provides the ultimate protection for your precious dabbing essentials. Whether you're traveling or simply want to keep your kit safe at home, this custom case has got you covered.

The Happy Dab Kit is not only perfect for experienced dabbers but also makes an excellent starter kit for those new to dabbing. It provides everything you need to enjoy dabs on-the-go, allowing you to indulge in your favorite concentrates wherever life takes you. Additionally, it makes a great gift for a like-minded family member or friend who appreciates the art of dabbing.

Upgrade your dabbing experience with the Happy Dab Kit and discover a new level of convenience, portability, and enjoyment. With its high-quality components, thoughtful accessories, and durable custom case, this kit is truly a game-changer in the world of dabbing. Get yours today and experience the happiness of dabbing wherever you go.