The Sea Urchin

  • $24.00

Talk about a unique piece!  This heavy duty glass spoon is a head turner for sure! Watch people stop in their tracks, do a double-take, mouths agape, as they say "Whoa, what's that?! Cool!"

This handpipe is made from thick glass, with a very unique design that just looks like something from the great blue oceans.  It's a pink translucent glass with a burgundy flower "button" on top, and burgundy accents on the carb.

  • Famous hand-made glass pipe for insane sale
  • Cheap glass pipe underpriced
  • Unique glass bowl with premium design

A truly great glass piece you'd be a missed to not grab while on sale.  If you are fan of impressing your friends with amazing glass, whatever, bubblers, water pipes, hand pipes.