Top Shelf Hemp 3.5g HHC Infused Flower - Fire OG

  • $19.99

Top Shelf Hemp 3.5g HHC Infused Flower - Fire OG is the ultimate choice for hemp enthusiasts looking for a unique and potent experience. Crafted with care, this product combines high-quality organically grown hemp with hemp-derived HHC to deliver a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. Unlike other HHC products on the market, this HHC Flower is designed to be rolled or bowled, allowing you to enjoy it with your favorite rolling papers, hand pipe, or bong.

The Fire OG strain, known for its exceptional potency and long-lasting euphoric effects, takes center stage in this product. With its distinct aroma reminiscent of Lemon Pledge, Fire OG is a fan favorite among those with a higher tolerance. Prepare to be captivated by its invigorating scent and enjoy the uplifting and euphoric terpene profile that accompanies it.

Top Shelf Hemp 3.5g HHC Infused Flower - Fire OG is packaged in a sleek glass storage jar with a wood lid, ensuring the freshness and quality of the product. Each batch is meticulously lab tested for both quality and potency, guaranteeing that you are getting a premium product that meets the highest standards. Manufactured in the USA, this product is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best hemp experience possible.

At Top Shelf Hemp, we prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction. That's why we provide a full Hemp Disclaimer for you to read, ensuring that you have all the necessary information before making your purchase. Additionally, we offer lab results for this specific product, allowing you to see the detailed analysis of its composition and purity.

Choose Top Shelf Hemp 3.5g HHC Infused Flower - Fire OG for an unparalleled hemp experience. With its organically grown hemp, hemp-derived HHC, and exceptional Fire OG strain, this product is a true gem in the world of hemp. Elevate your smoking experience and indulge in the euphoric effects of Fire OG with this top-tier HHC-infused flower.