V Syndicate "Blunt Orbit" Blazin' Silicone Ashtray

  • $8.99

Send your ash to outer space with the V Syndicate "Blunt Orbit" Blazin' Silicone Ashtray. This innovative ashtray will take your smoking experience to new heights, allowing you to explore the galaxies of flavor and convenience.

Crafted from durable heat-resistant material, this ashtray is built to withstand the blazing temperatures of your smoking adventures. No matter how hot your session gets, the "Blunt Orbit" ashtray will remain cool and intact, ensuring a long-lasting companion for your smoking rituals.

But it's not just about durability – this ashtray is also a work of art. Printed in full color, it features a mesmerizing design that will transport you to a celestial realm every time you use it. The vibrant colors and intricate details make it a visually stunning piece that will impress your smoking buddies.

Cleaning up after your smoke sessions has never been easier. The "Blunt Orbit" ashtray is designed for effortless cleaning, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your smoke and less time scrubbing away residue. Simply rinse it under water or wipe it clean with a cloth, and it will be ready for your next intergalactic smoke session.

Portability is key when it comes to smoking accessories, and this ashtray delivers. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it the perfect travel companion. Whether you're heading to a friend's house or embarking on a cosmic adventure, you can easily slip this ashtray into your bag or pocket and take it with you wherever you go.

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So why settle for a mundane ashtray when you can have a "Blunt Orbit" ashtray that will elevate your smoking experience to astronomical levels? Get ready to blast off into a world of flavor and convenience with this extraterrestrial smoking accessory. Order yours today and join the ranks of interstellar smokers who have discovered the wonders of the "Blunt Orbit" ashtray.