V Syndicate "Einstein Black Hole" Backpack

  • $69.99

Show off your unique style and love for all things scientific with the V Syndicate "Einstein Black Hole" Backpack. This one-of-a-kind backpack is not just a fashion statement, but a functional accessory that will elevate your sesh experience to a whole new level.

Designed with the modern smoker in mind, this backpack is fully equipped with hidden compartments to keep your stash discreetly stored. No need to worry about any unwanted odors escaping, as the smell-proof double ziplock bag inside ensures that your herbs remain fresh and undetectable. Whether you're heading to a party or a casual hangout, this backpack has got you covered.

Featuring a 360° high-quality print, the "Einstein Black Hole" design is a visual masterpiece that will turn heads wherever you go. The intricate details and vibrant colors make this backpack a true work of art. It's not just a bag, it's a statement piece that reflects your individuality and passion for the scientific world.

Durability is key, and that's why this backpack is equipped with a waterproof zipper. No need to worry about your belongings getting wet during unexpected rain showers or accidental spills. Your valuables will stay safe and dry, allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventures without any worries.

What sets this backpack apart from the rest is its original design. Created by talented artists, the "Einstein Black Hole" design is exclusive to V Syndicate. You won't find anything like it anywhere else. Stand out from the crowd and let your personality shine through with this unique and eye-catching backpack.

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Upgrade your style and functionality with the V Syndicate "Einstein Black Hole" Backpack. It's time to make a statement and show the world that you're not just a smoker, but a trendsetter with a passion for science and art. Get yours today and embark on a journey of style, convenience, and self-expression.