V Syndicate "Owllusion Turquoise" SmartStash Jar

  • $19.99

You have several options when it comes to storing your herb to keep it secure and fresh. There's more traditional ways like a glass pop top jar or pouch and then there's the SmartStash way. The SmartStash Jar isn’t just a stash box, it’s the stoner’s ultimate tool. With a built-in grinder, a funnel, a humidifier, and tons of space for your favorite flower. The top of the SmartStash lid features V Syndicate's patented magnetic grinder card plate, which allows you to grate your herb directly into the wooden basin below. You can then use the opening to funnel the herb directly into your favorite bowl, pipe, or rolling paper, guaranteeing an easy transition into your next session. Underneath the lid is a humidity pack compartment, which is secured by a magnetic metal plate. Activate the included humidity packet by opening the packaging, and avoid the risk of dry, brittle weed hashing your mellow. Pop your leftover nugs into the spacious storage compartment and sink into reefer gladness.

You don’t have to be a know-it-owl to know that stale herb is bad herb. With our Owllusion SmartStash Jar, your bud stays fresh so that you can keep this high times rolling. Equipped with a built-in grinder plate, a funnel, and a humidity pack, this jar is at the apex of smoker storage.

If you're looking for a humidified storage option to keep your favorite herb fresh check out the large selection of bold designs and sizes of SmartStash jars from V Syndicate for a storage option that stands above the rest.

The V Syndicate "Owllusion Turquoise" SmartStash Jar is the perfect solution for storing and preserving your favorite herb. This glass stash jar features a unique turquoise design that is sure to catch the eye of any smoker. The jar is equipped with a magnetic grinder plate on the lid, allowing you to easily grind your herb directly into the wooden basin below. The wooden lid also doubles as a funnel, making it easy to pack your bowl, pipe, or rolling paper with freshly ground herb.

But the SmartStash Jar doesn't just stop at grinding and packing. It also includes a humidity pack compartment underneath the lid, ensuring that your herb stays fresh and potent. Simply activate the included humidity packet and place it in the compartment to maintain the perfect level of moisture for your herb. No more dry, brittle weed ruining your smoking experience.

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