V Syndicate "THC Elemental Blue" SmartStash Jar

  • $19.99

You have several options when it comes to storing your herb to keep it secure and fresh. There's more traditional ways like a glass pop top jar or pouch and then there's the SmartStash way. The SmartStash Jar revolutionizes the way stoners store their herb, making it the ultimate tool for any cannabis enthusiast.

With its innovative design, the SmartStash Jar combines functionality and convenience like never before. The top of the jar features V Syndicate's patented magnetic grinder card plate, allowing you to easily grate your herb directly into the wooden basin below. No more messy grinders or wasted herb – the SmartStash Jar ensures a seamless transition from grinding to smoking.

But that's not all – the SmartStash Jar also includes a built-in funnel, making it effortless to transfer your herb into your favorite bowl, pipe, or rolling paper. Say goodbye to spills and wasted herb, and hello to a hassle-free smoking experience.

One of the standout features of the SmartStash Jar is its humidity pack compartment. Dry, brittle weed is a thing of the past with this jar. Simply activate the included humidity packet and place it in the compartment to keep your herb fresh and potent. No more worrying about your stash losing its flavor or potency – the SmartStash Jar has got you covered.

Not only does the SmartStash Jar excel in functionality, but it also offers a wide range of design options. Choose from a variety of bold and eye-catching designs that reflect your personal style and elevate your smoking experience.

Available in multiple sizes, the SmartStash Jar caters to all your stash needs. Whether you prefer a smaller jar for personal use or a larger one for sharing with friends, V Syndicate has got you covered.

In summary, the SmartStash Jar is the ultimate humidified storage solution for any cannabis enthusiast. Its magnetic grinder plate, glass stash jar, and wooden storage lid with a funnel make it a must-have for any smoker. With its multiple design options and sizes, the SmartStash Jar stands above the rest in terms of both functionality and style. Say goodbye to dry herb and hello to a fresh and enjoyable smoking experience with the SmartStash Jar from V Syndicate.