Vapium Lite Vaporizer

  • $79.00

The Vapium Lite Vaporizer is the ultimate companion for those who seek power, functionality, and discretion in one compact device. Designed for adventure, this pocketable powerhouse combines durability with advanced heating technology to deliver premium vapor wherever life takes you. With eight temperature settings ranging from 356 °F to 446 °F, each session becomes a new and exciting experience.

The Vapium Lite features a fully ceramic oven that ensures even heating of dry herb, allowing you to spread one bowl over multiple sessions. This not only maximizes efficiency but also provides a clean and flavorful vapor experience. The ceramic heating chamber releases more compounds from less material, resulting in minimal waste and a more satisfying vaping experience. To achieve the best vapor quality, we recommend grinding your materials to a fine consistency and filling the chamber to the brim, then tamping down your dry herb.

Designed with travel in mind, the Vapium Lite is ergonomic, compact, and durable. Its pocket-friendly design allows for discreet sessions, whether you're at home or on the road. The integrated stir tool keeps everything you need in one place, ensuring convenience and ease of use. With its USB-C Port, this travel-friendly device charges quickly, ensuring you never lose momentum on your adventures.

Unlike most portable dry herb vaporizers that offer only a few heat settings, the Vapium Lite stands out with its eight temperature options. The simple control interface with temperature lights gives you complete control over your vaping sessions, allowing you to customize each hit according to your preferences. And with its 30-second heating time, the Vapium Lite enables rapid hits on the go, perfect for those who are always on the move.

In the box, you'll find everything you need to get started: the Vapium Lite Vaporizer, a USB-C charger cable, a cleaning brush, an additional clean air intake drawer, and a 14/18mm WPA. With its discreet design, powerful performance, and travel-ready features, the Vapium Lite Vaporizer is the ideal companion for explorers on the road of life. So get out there and discover what's waiting for you with the Vapium Lite Vaporizer.