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What Is The Difference Between Bubblers And Bongs?

There is a wide array of options for smokers to choose from. Water pipes are probably the best option for those who smoke weed. The process of filtration is smooth and it can be used to avoid throat burn. Also, the water makes the hit more potent and this makes smoking much more pleasurable. However, I have come across a lot of people who often assume that bongs and bubblers are the same.

In this article, I will briefly take a look at 2 similar smoking devices- the bong and the bubbler. A lot of people tend to mix them up. Typically, both are crafted similarly; however, that is where the similarity ends. This is why it is difficult for the inexperienced eye to see the difference between both devices.

We will take a look at both devices and give extensive descriptions of their use. The goal of this article is to present an objective view of both devices. Subsequently, you can select your favourite device to take a hit with. Shall we?

BONG 101

bubbler vs bong

In simple terms, bongs are advanced water pipes that come in different shapes and sizes. There is no doubt about the popularity of the bong. All over the world, people have enjoyed the immense benefits that come with smoking with bongs. Bongs are relatively larger and they come in many shapes and sizes. It is typically made up of chambers that filter and cool smoke. Bongs can be made from different materials including soft glass, acrylic, wood, and many more materials. However, most bongs are made of glass and they often consist of several components such as the bowls, ash catcher, and so on. 


bong vs bubbler

A bubbler is a type of water pipe that normally compose of three parts; a mouthpiece, a bowl and a stem. For bubblers, you simply need to fill the chamber with water, fill the bowl with weed and then, smoke from the chamber. If you are looking or the option of a ready-to-go device with which you can take a hit then the bubbler is your best bet. It is also a great option for folks who want a device that hits harder than a pipe but not as intense as a bong. It doesn’t have external components that need to be attached to it. It is easy to see where the bubbler got its name from when you smoke through a bubbler, you get bubbles.


The market is filled with bongs and bubblers of all sizes, colours, and designs of both bongs and bubblers. Although both can be used to take a hit, there are certain differences.

The Age Factor

A significant number of young smokers often go for bubblers. The reason for this is simple, most young folks like the compact size of the bubbler. The bubbler is a device that is perfect for quick use. As a young smoker, there is a need to have a smoking device that can be constantly moved around or hidden (if you still have to).

Older smokers tend to go for bongs because of their size and due to the fact that they are more customizable than bubblers. Also, with the increased size of the bong, it offers more filtration. Typically, bongs are designed to offer the smoothest hits.


Another differentiating factor between the bong and the bubbler is the way in which they are cleaned. Bubblers need frequent cleaning, especially the small internal chambers that harbour debris and other unwanted stuff. Users of bubblers are advised to clean it regularly in a bid to avoid infections as a result of inhaling unwanted stuff.

For bongs, the large size takes away the constant need for cleaning. Even when it needs to be cleaned, the bong is easy-to-clean because it has several removable parts. This leads to a more thorough process of cleaning and maintenance.

Length of Sessions

When it comes to the average length of smoking sessions, both devices differ. Bongs have longer sessions when compared to bubblers. The reason for this is simple, the bowls in the water pipes in bongs are significantly larger and they allow for longer smoking. This means that you can add as much 'flower' to the bowl. In terms of the quality of each hit, the bong is much more preferred as it delivers stronger hits.

If you prefer to smoke alone then you may decide to go for bubblers. However, people who like to take a bake in groups will most likely go for the bong. With bongs, you can have much more flower.

Variety, styles, and so on.

When it comes to sizes and shapes, most bongs tend to be more limited when compared to bubblers. Most bongs have a long tube that connects a simple mouthpiece to either a beaker or something similar.

Because of their larger size, bongs have more room for intricate percolators (which improves the level of diffusion and gives it better hits)

On the other hand, bubblers often come in a larger variety of styles. Makers of bubblers often get creative with the positioning of the mouthpiece bending or carving it to form a nice curve. The mouthpiece of a bubbler can either be bent to the back or be made to shoot straight to the side.


Most times, the demand and use of smoking apparatus are determined by the versatility of the device. In terms of versatility, users require devices that they can use to handle both dank flowers, tobacco, and so on.

It is important to understand what you need from your smoking apparatus. This understanding goes a long way in determining what device you purchase. A lot of times, there are several factors that affect the choices that are made. These factors differ from person to person; therefore, it is never right to assume that one device is better than the other. In understanding the difference between a bong and a bubbler, the simple thing that you need to understand is that a bubbler typically resembles a pipe in terms of appearance and function.

I hope we have been able to learn a little more about bongs and bubblers (at least enough to help you choose your preferred smoking device). Each device has its pros and cons. Whether you are looking for stronger highs or easier cleaning methods, you can discover the kind of smoking device that best suits your needs.

Thank you for reading, cheers!

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