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Marijuana Bud Photoshoot: Marijuana Photos To Use Online

Many people don't know that I originally started this business as PlugPhotography, and it was a niche focused photography company.  Back then I was nearly never online!  I certainly have changed that!

I am still strong on photography, and this is the first, of many I hope, yearly marijuana photography recap.  Anyone is welcome to use these as long as they pertain to their copyright (CC-BY).  These are free cannabis photos to use.

Many of these photographs were taken as a part of a business project I was under years ago, but they are free to use, high quality, premium photographs that people all over the world can use - from U.S. and Europe to the East.  These cannabis pictures are taken by professional photographers in the United States and they were taken several years ago in 2017, but they are new and professional.

The first photo is of a cannabis bud in the palm of a hand, which can be used well for a blog article or magazine page that is about the medical effects of marijuana or any other responsible topic related to it.  Marijuana articles on health and the public sector (eonomic, political, etc) are published online every day and a quality photograph (image) can really mean a world of a difference for whether your magazine or blog post gets recognition and traffic online.  These photos are made for you and we hope you get the most as you can from them in 2020 and beyond - these are, in my opinion, timeless images that enhance any bloggers website or blogger's post or even social media posts on healthcare, lifestyle, and various other niches.

Uses of Images:

  • Website's Homepage and other pages
  • Website blog and content pieces to enhance their visibility and use online
  • Social media pages and social media campaign that drive commisions, conversions, and other useful metrics to your business or project
  • Magazine project
  • Video content
  • For product pages.  For example, the smallest water pipe entitled "the best small water pipe online." and other pages on your website.

Requirement of Images:

Copright CC-BY, just link to this page as attribution to use these images for your blog or website or other content online.

2017 Photoshoots:




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