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Navigating the scientific literature on cannabis can be a challenge; Cannabis studies are diverse and often contradict eachother.  So how the hell is someone supposed to know the truth regarding our favorite plant to smoke?

Well, you're in luck, our team has spent the last month scourging through the scientific studies and checking them for bias (explicitly, money trails, aka whether the study on marijuana was financed by an entity that may have an agenda).  Well, let's hop into it: hope you take value from our efforts :)!

Conclusions on Cannabis and Cannabinoids

To begin with, I think it is prudent to show-case our honest conclusions we have derived from the current cannabis science literature.  These are the conclusions that are accepted among the scientific community in regards to smoking marijuana and smoking cannabis. 

Let's take a look:

Cannabis is a Medicine, and Has Therapeutic Effects for Chronic Pain, Chemotherapy Side-Effects, And Multiple Sclerosis.

Although for decades, big power institutions (looking at your government) have told the public that cannabis, or marijuana, is evil and can do no good.  Look: let's start off by throwing that ideology into the trash, cannabis is a medicine!  It has shown, countless times, it's ability to improve the lives of people dealing with chronic pain, chemotherapy, and multiple sclerosis.

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